Conference Contributions

DGMK/ÖGEW Spring Conference 2022, Celle, June 15-16, 2022
Coupling Heat Conductivity and Lithofacies of the Coal-bearing Upper Carboniferous in the Eastern Ruhr Basin, NW Germany
Greve, J., Bush, B., Quandt, D., Knaak, M., & Hilgers, C.
Fracture Network Characterization and Critically Stressed Fracture Analysis in a Naturally Fractured Tight Gas Sandstone Analogue Allgaier, F., Busch, B., Quandt, D., & Hilgers, C
83rd EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022, Madrid, June 6-9, 2022
Fracture network characterization of a naturally fractured tight gas reservoir analogue
Allgaier, F., Busch, B., Quandt, D., & Hilgers, C.
Reservoir Properties of an Upper Carboniferous Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoir Analogue, Ruhr Basin, NW Germany Greve, J., Busch, B., Quandt, D., & Hilgers, C.

DGG 82nd Annual Conference 2022, Munich, March 7-10, 2022
Induced microseismicity due to mine flooding - Observation, characterisation and relation to mine water rise in the eastern Ruhr area
Rische, M., Fischer, K. D., & Friederich, W.

GeoKarlsruhe 2021/DGGV Annual Conference, Karlsruhe, September 19-24, 2021
FloodRisk: Earthquakes, uplift, and long-term liabilities – risk minimisation during mine flooding Quandt,
D., Alber, M., Allgaier, F., Busch, B., Even, M., Fischer, K., Friederich, W., Greve, J., Knaak, M., Müller, B., Niederhuber, T., Rettenmaier, D., Rische, M., Röckel, T., Schilling, F., Schröder, D., Ukelis, O., Westerhaus, M., Zorn, R., & Hilgers, C.
Nachbergbau: Chancen und Herausforderungen Quandt, D., Rudolph, T., & Hilgers, C.
Fracture network characterization and DFN modelling of the Upper Carboniferous, Ruhr Area, Germany Allgaier, F., Busch, B., Niederhuber, T., Müller, B., & Hilgers, C.
Slip tendency of faults and pore pressure evolution in the “Wasserprovinz Haus Aden” – Ruhr area Niederhuber, T., Müller, B., Müller, L., Röckel, T., Schilling, F., Allgaier, F., & Rische, M.
Analysis of surface displacements caused by mine flooding for the project FloodRisk with SAR Interferometry, GNSS and Levelling Even, M., Westerhaus, M., & Schröder, D.

EGU General Assembly 2021, Vienna, April 19-30, 2021
Induced micro seismicity due to raising mine water level in former coal mines in the eastern Ruhr area (Germany)
Rische, M., Fischer, K. D., Allgaier, F., & Friederich, W.

DGMK Spring Conference 2021, Celle, April 6-7, 2021
Reservoir Characterization of the coal-bearing Upper Carboniferous clastic succession, Ruhr area, Germany
Greve, J., Busch, B., Quandt, D., & Hilgers, C.

Integrating digitized fracture data in geological 3D models, Upper Carboniferous, Ruhr area, Germany Allgaier, F., Niederhuber, T., Quandt, D., Busch, B., Müller, B., & Hilgers, C.